Iconoclasm next level: exhuming Confederate soldiers

We can only have a future when we have our history


Just wondering what other historical corrections will become deemed appropriate. In the Dutch village of Ysselsteyn more than 31.000 German soldiers (mostly killed in WW2) are buried. German general Kussin who fought the Allies and died during Operation Market Garden lies there.

To give this place some perspective: this cemetery lies near the Dutch town of Venray that has about the same population as the Ysselsteyn cemetery.


These soldiers were nazi’s or conscripts, collaborators and unlucky young men that found themselves at the receiving end of something lethal. And like all dead they deserve to be left in peace.

People have started exhuming Confederate soldiers in the USA, because that would really benefit ‘the cause’ these unholy landscapers hold dear. I think that digging up people to make your point is barbarism to the extreme.

Death the great equalizer

I am taking my children to both Ysselsteyn and Margraten (the largest Allied cemetery in The Netherlands) to teach them that there is not that much of a difference. A lot of German soldiers lie in unmarked graves, their insignias and identification were often looted and now lie in someones’ grandfathers sock drawer. Their plot and a block of granite is what remains.

Death is the great equalizer, when it’s over we are all just as done. I will actively defend the respect both cemeteries deserve, should that become necessary. We can only have a future when we have our history.

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